Yesterday in my intro art class we had to draw someone who inspires us, so today, I drew PJ Ligouri because I think he’s an amazing film maker/youtuber and he inspired me to be a film maker myself. Later today, my mom asked me who I drew & I told her I drew a a guy who makes videos (PJ). She gave me a confusing look, & I told her she doesn’t know who he is. She then said to me, “That’s who your drew? Do you know what inspiration is? That’s not inspiration. You probably don’t even know what Inspiration is, what it means.” I just sat there quietly wanting to cry so much, because she has no idea that I want to be a film maker and he IS my INSPIRATION. I just can’t believe my lovely mom said that to me. I was gonna draw my brother, but I thought of my future career. Something I truly want to accomplish in life.



Reblog if you
- Selfharm
- Have Suicidal Thoughts
- Have suicidal Tendencies
- Purge
- Suffer From Depression
- Suffer From Paranoia
- Suffer From Social Anxiety
- Have an Eating Disorder
- Have scars
- Never feel Good Enough
- Had an overdose - go to therapy -spent time in the hospital

I want everyone to know that reblogs this,no matter what you’ve been through,what you suffer from,you are still beautiful and worth it and I love you.